Is your bank threatening Foreclosure?

   If you've fallen behind in payments and/or been served with foreclosure papers, you need to act now. No matter what the reason--health, unemployment, divorce, changing priorities, or other things out of your control--the sad truth is the lender just wants their money. It isn't personal for them, it's business. The sooner you address the issue the more choices you'll have. If you want to keep your house, call your lender and discuss your options. Read more about the Foreclosure process and your options by clicking for our FORECLOSURE REPORT.
   If you want a quick sale, we will treat you fairly and confidentially. We pay all costs of the transaction, and we can complete the process in as little as two weeks. We can pay you cash in many cases as well. If you don’t act soon the bank will foreclose, your credit scores will plummet, and you'll end up getting evicted. This doesn’t have to happen.
   Please note that we aren't going to "list" your house and hope it will sell before the bank kicks you out. We're going to buy it, just like we've bought dozens of other properties. Why not let us share the solutions we can offer to make this nightmare go away? Fill out the form below, and/or call us at 218-556-2542 for more information. And please know that however you decide to deal with this challenge, we wish you well!
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